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To design with expression and elegance, architects must understand and exploit the craft of building. Mastery of materials, processes and practical methods of building - from the ancient to the just emerging- forms the foundation of professionalism and the key to achievement. The firm designed settings for exhibitions for some of the most representative Italian museums and trading fairs, interiors for private residencies, banks, airports, offices, hotels, restaurants and shops.


Regarding the product design, the firm is committed to combine the lesson of the ancient Italian craftmanship with the application of the newest technologies. The philosophy and values which inspire every project are the same regardless of scale or size. This explains why no detail is too small in its importance for the studio and why the same amount of care and attention will be lavished on the design of a piece of furniture, light systems, laminates, bath accessories, textiles, doors handles and artistical glasses.


Our planning experience includes works on a wide ranges of scales and anticipates the varied needs of growing communities and the cultural impact of new technology; it includes the planning and design of new suburbs, urban areas and a large parcel planning for residential property. Our design addresses also issues such as county master planning, historical centres preservation, public transportation, urban development, etc.


Architecture is a public art and the quality of our urban design also affects our well-being. This concern for the physical context has produced projects always careful to the culture, the character and the history of its place. The firm has built a significant portfolio of civic, institutional, hospitality, apartment buildings, private residencies, commercial and retail projects for public and private sector clients. A glance to the projects reveals a modern aesthetic, employing and expressing proven contemporary technologies with steadfast attention to detail, and striving to fuse art, craft, technology and business to realize distinguished and productive architecture.

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