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Spazio Marcona 12


Spazio Marcona 12 is located inside the historic  Studio Scacchetti Associates. 

It is characterized by an enveloping environment that introduces guests in the architectural way of thinking of its founder: from furniture design to many building models; from different design prototypes to art objects.  The walls are decorated with polyhedral frames exhibiting drawings, watercolors  and  sketches  of  projects,


all originate from the generous hand and the world of making of Luca scacchetti.

The location is available for any type of meeting, from workshops to round table, from showroom activities to press conference, etc.

The space is distinct from the Studio and offers 40 seats, a table for speakers, a video projector with a VGA and HDMI connections, a screen for projections and a large table for communication kit and/or for catering needed. 

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